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Our body image affects our testimony

I heard a story about a dietitian who came to know the Lord after years of being an atheist.  She was hungry for the truth- attended church and became involved in a small group.  She called her friend (the one who had been witnessing to her for so many months) and said, “I’m so confused.  I have struggled for so long with my body and eating.  I thought it would be different here.”  If you are a woman, you probably know what she is talking about.  After our groups feast on God’s Word for the allotted 45 minutes, the conversations often drift back to the same, old, tired thing – slimming, fasting, burning, toning, binging, and despairing.

 She would sit through conversations of women hating the bodies she had just learned God had made- and had called them very good.  If only our minds were transformed by the renewing of our minds, right?

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