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Vanity, Vanity, Isn’t This Whole Blog Vanity?

Writing and reading about how we interact with health and and body image and eating as a Christian?  Over-spiritualising things much?

I promise you, there will be no Planks & Prayers Wednesdays. No HHIITT (Holy High Intensity Interval Training) Tuesdays.  Maybe that would be over spiritualizing. BUT, we aren’t gnostics here, and thinking about body image is actually a holy pursuit because we are considering God’s creation, what He says about it, and how we steward them.  

For a long time I stayed at arm’s length about body image, misunderstanding it was vain and selfish. I blamed it for Instagram posts you see girls with off the shoulder sweatshirts and perfectly tousled beach hair gazing into the camera with a caption of “…fearfully and wonderfully made. xx”. I was wrong, though. 

Body image is simply what we think and how we feel about our bodies.  We all have a body image whether we value the concept or not. 

For example,

  • Feeling like your body is broken or not good because so many foods flare you up is a body image thought.  
  • Being annoyed that you look so much like your absentee father is a body image emotion.  
  • Praising God that you don’t have a migraine today is an element of body image.

The problem isn’t that we shouldn’t think about body image, but that we should think about it wholly & rightly. 

Without intentional thought our body image becomes passively built around two things-

  1. What bodies the world tells us is right-IG, tiktok, store displays, movies, etc
  2. What people in our life say- friends, family, doctors

Embodied Christian, if the Bereans “examined Scriptures daily” to see if what the APOSTLE PAUL said was true, how much more should we hold up the messages of the world and friends and family up to the light of Scripture?

There are a lot of people in the world invested in you feeling bad about your body so you’ll buy their workout program or meal replacements or supplements. And we buy into it!  For a lot of us, these are  weights that cling so closely to us so that we cannot “run with endurance the race that is set before us.” 

Because we aren’t “looking to Jesus”, are we?  Our eyes are in the mirror. The world does not value what God does.  It does not find beauty in what God does.

Now, your response might be to sheepishly tack on a, “ok, ok, I’ll be more thankful for my body.”

But, gratitude through gritted teeth DESPITE our bodies is not what a true biblical filter gifts us with.  We are made in God’s image.  Our entirety (body & soul!) are saved by grace. We are living sacrifices.

My hope with these little blog posts is to think through strengthening our filters so we catch out more of the world-formed junk, be left with what God sees our bodies as, and wonder at His glory all the more.

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